Nyron N. Crawford (Ph.D., Ohio State, 2014) is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Faculty Affiliate in the Behavioral Foundations Lab, Institute for Survey Research, and the Center for Regional Politics at Temple University. His teaching and research activities are in American politics, with an interest in the psychology of political behavior, experimental and survey methods, public opinion, and urban politics and problems. His current research focuses on identity and group-based behavior, cognitive processes in political judgments, and individual/institutional accountability. Prior to joining Temple, Professor Crawford was a pre-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He earned his B.A. from Howard University, a M.A. from The Ohio State University, and has certificates in nonprofit management/leadership, social enterprise development, and survey research.

Professor Crawford is also an Associate with the Rutgers Institute on Anti-Corruption Studies (RIACS), a former fellow in the Todd A. Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male, and an affiliate with the Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice Network.


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